Giveaway alert!

How did I neglect to not mention this?! Lisa at Pink Kitchen is having a give away of my novel, The Adventures of Claire Never-Ending. If you want to get in on that sweet, sweet action – check out her post here:


Yay! So, click on the post if you’d like to win a copy. Lisa has so many good recipes on her blog. She does loads of gluten free cooking, and some of her stuff is grain free too – or can be adapted to be grain free. Mom,  you’d enjoy that! I’d like to thank Lisa for being so good to sponsor this give away, and for all the yummy inspirations she shares every week. 🙂

Also, did you notice Zsolt’s hair in the previous post? I cut that myself, thank you very much! It’s the first time ever he’s allowed me to do anything even near to styling his hairdo. Normally I am instructed to shave it all off. But for my birthday . . . which is in July . . . he’s let me pretend to be a stylist. You might be checking your calendar and saying, “but it’s not July”… to which I’d reply, “shhhh, don’t spoil it for me.” I don’t always understand the way men work or their inner clocks, but I enjoy it when I can style this man’s hair.

Now, if you haven’t clicked over to Lisa’s yet, here’s the giveaway link again. Woohoo!

Contest ends April 30th.

2 thoughts on “Giveaway alert!

  1. How nice of Lisa to do this for you, Catherine. I’ve entered the contest the three different ways. Wouldn’t have known about all her delicious recipes without your help. I hope your book goes far!! xox

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