Wisdom Tooth Countdown

I can’t run away from this any longer. Or I could, but it would only get worse. Five years ago I was told I’d need to remove my wisdom teeth. Ha! That was Catherine-ese for “You need to stop going to the dentist,” and so I did.

The infections come and they go, but my wisdom teeth have remained in place.

Except for now. For some reason I’ve suddenly pooled courage and decided to get the suckers pulled one at a time. (I’m only getting 2 removed since the others seem fine. We’ll see how it goes.) Why now? Why not five years ago? Actually I don’t know. Circumstances have lined up this way, and I’m actually a great believer in circumstances. So it’s on, baby. (Unless I run away.)

There are many, many YouTube videos online explaining how an impacted tooth is removed from the jaw. I can see them in the list of results, but haven’t actually clicked upon them as of yet. One lady told me they need to unhinge your jaw. HOLY S. What kind of crazy is that?

Okay. Status has changed:

I just watched 49 seconds of a 1:11 min video. That was enough. It was a very straightforward cartoon. I hope this is a straightforward procedure, because Catherine won’t be taking a nap during the event. Bring on the numbing agents!

Maybe this is just the distraction I need from the scans that follow my upcoming birthday. Got scanxiety? Get your wisdom tooth removed!


T-minus 10 days and counting till tooth removal. This is now the part where you say it’s no big deal, and far more like playing with a puppy while floating on a cloud. That sounds about right. Right?


10 thoughts on “Wisdom Tooth Countdown

  1. Yep, I have stopped going to the dentist when I’m told I need to have something done as well. 🙂 Good luck!!!! I had a number of molars removed at like 12 or 13–so I wouldn’t have to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Recovery was uncomfortable, but compared to my ACL surgery and mastectomy it was a piece of cake. You are going to do awesome!!!!!

  2. Catherine, you’ll be fine. Tell Zsolt to be prepared to buy you Kale ice cream 😉 Had all four out years ago, my boyfriend at the time brought me ice cream every day. After a week, all was fine. Just stick with soft stuff since everything tends to get stuck in the small little indents under the stitches. ~D

  3. I had them pulled when I was 17. All in all, easy stuff. One hiccup, though: they gave me some sort of numbing agent that makes you slightly sleepy, so time goes by really fast (but you’re not groggy afterwards). However, they started working on me before the meds had really kicked in, so I heard some nasty business going on in my mouth (which scared the crap out of me). Lesson: make sure you’re fully numb before they start the deed.

  4. Well, I’ve had three of mine removed, one lodged touching my sinus, and I’ve done them all since I was 60. I was in my late 70s when I had that tough one removed.

    And it really isn’t that big of a deal. Courage, Catherine.

  5. Best of luck, it will all turn out fine. I’ve had 4 taken out at one time when I was in my early 20’s…like you I kind of left it till later, lol. Other then the poor Dentist being a petite person, and not having the strength to pull them out, [she was a fill in for our regular guy] everything went fine. And no they do not unhinge your jaw, that’s silly. Ask your Dentist if you have any questions, then you know you will get the correct answer.


  6. I recall asking the question, “why do they call them WISDOM teeth if they are for so many of us just a pain in the butt and most often need removing? never got an answer, but had mine removed years ago. if you have a choice, go with something numbing that also gives a nice buzz! I will be thinking of you for the dental appointment, and your upcoming scan, wishing you comfort and lots of BIG hope for all to go well. and I second Diane’s advice – ICE CREAM!!!

    much love,

    Karen XOXO

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