A little retreat – The Studio Cafe

Well, I’m meant to be writing up an article at this moment. But all parts of my being are calling out “capture this moment!” so instead I’ll write you this post.


Are you an artist, writer, creator, reader, day dreamer in Ottawa? Well, I’ve got a beautiful little nook for you to go and craft your beautiful moments. For some time now I’ve been playing with organizing beautiful retreats for writers in Ottawa. BUT till that plan takes shape (check this out if you are interested), this cafe seems like the next best thing.

The Studio Cafe on 1089 Somerset Street West in Hintonburg (where Somerset turns into Wellington). How can I describe this place? It’s coffee shop meets your dream office space. The area is open, there’s a fellow strumming his guitar and singing amazing grace, sunshine is pouring through the massive windows, tea & coffee are on tap. (Okay, not ‘on tap’ but I happen to like that phrase.)


Coincidentally, Ottawa is currently full of fluffy white clouds of fluff – and that translates into fuzzy snow-like landscapes outside the window, so I kind feel like I’m in a movie with the beauty and the music and the relaxation.

The Studio Cafe is a great place for creation. Designed to host artists, there are rooms to rent, a classroom in the back, and art classes/seminars are taking place often. There’s this one water colour class coming up on June 14th from 10AM-12:30PM that looks lovely, and I think involves painting doughnuts.

But if you aren’t an artist – I think this is also the perfect nook for a laptop and some street gazing as you hunker down for your next chapter, article, blog post, or story structure. If they start offering lunchables then I might just start camping out all day for some writing-only time (as opposed to I-need-to-clean-out-the-fridge-and-wash-the-laundry time).

chairs and table

So, writers in Ottawa – you have a new retreat. It’s called The Studio Cafe, and it’s really freaking gorgeous. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

~Catherine #OttawaWrites

3 thoughts on “A little retreat – The Studio Cafe

  1. I’m just getting caught up. We should meet here for coffee some time soon. There is a sewing store I want to check out a few doors down and supplements I need to pick up at the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre. We could throw in a latte (it could be a tea latte 🙂 and talk writing…

    • I’d love that. I’m often there Monday early afternoons if that happens to work for you. Do let me know 🙂 And I know the sewing shop you mean. Never gone in, but it’s lovely from the outside!

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