Nodes are shrinking


The nodes continue to shrink. No new spots appearing. Bring on the hot flashes if they keep the good results flowing! Holy crap that was far too nerve wracking. Next CT is in four months, how much living can we squeeze in between now and then, I wonder? ~Catherine

30 thoughts on “Nodes are shrinking

  1. Catherine – You don’t know me, but I’ve been in your shoes and I will never, ever forget the intoxicating effect of good news like this. I am doing cartwheels for you. Celebrate!

  2. Best news I’ve read in ages!!! This is awesome Catherine. As you know, I’ve been largely absent from the blogsphere in recent months, and this is just THE BEST to resurface to. Wooohooo!! I’m doing a fist-pumping-kitchen-happy-dance over her 🙂

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