Indie Sex Goddess – don’t miss Sylvie’s book!

Hey, you like erotic & real-to-life poetry? No, I’m not trying something new with the blog. (So, you can relax, Zsolt.) My friend Sylvie is in the middle of her crowdfunding campaign for Russel Square Station. Sylvie really holds back no punches, and no details, in her style of storytelling. I truly admire her for taking a chance & crowdfunding her collection of poems from a really crazy experience of meeting her muse in England.

Sylvie’s collection will be printed in juxtaposition to a variety of art pieces from Juan Carlos Noria. And I personally think these two complement one another perfectly in tone and style.

So, if you want to check it out, I’m definitely plugging it 🙂



Have some fun and click through. She’s giving it her best, and if you want to support her with means other than purchasing copies, etc, do consider giving her a share within your own network.



Monday the family will gather to play Settlers of Katan. Man, we have become obsessed with this game – and when I say “we” I mean my whole family including parents and siblings. It’s great 🙂



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