My Reading from Blog Out Loud

Not so long ago, the Ottawa International Writers Festival had welcomed Lynn’s Blog Out Loud event to their venue. I was lucky enough to be chosen to read at the event. Well, now you can see the reading – ifyou like. 🙂 There are some great blog posts read during this evening, so I encourage you to watch the whole video and do feel free to watch the other segments. If you want to skip ahead, I come onto the screen around 16:45 and read an old blog post “Riding the train in Hungary

The video has been acting a bit wonky, so I’ll add the click-to-link here as well:

One thought on “My Reading from Blog Out Loud

  1. Reblogged this on Ottawa Writes and commented:

    Videos are now up from Blog Out Loud. This was a fantastic event, and really showcased the storytelling power that comes from blogging. This is a reblog from my personal site – and if you want to see my reading, it’s near the end! Enjoy Blog Out Loud 🙂 ~Catherine

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