Help with a long, long shot: Deadline Midnight Tonight

Okay, it’s a long, long, ClaireNeverEnding long, long, long shot. One of those million in one chances. BUT, Canada Reads 2015 is looking for book suggestions for next year around the theme of breaking barriers. So, if you are in the mood, I’d love your help to get Claire Never Ending seen just that much more by tweeting (tweet #CanadaReads to @CBCBooks), emailing, instagramming or facebooking using #CanadaReads with my title. Oh, and the deadline is midnight today!

“We’re looking for books that will help us understand and overcome the things that divide us, in families and between communities, and at large.” ~CanadaReads2015

I really feel like my book breaks some barriers – it literally brakes the barrier of time within one family, and by doing so showcases the reasoning and actions between hard decision and their lingering impacts. I think that allowed me to paint the Claires with compassion, even if they were making sad choices at times.

Also, I reckon it breaks some stereotypical gender barriers with storytelling in that this is a book written about women, celebrating their strength, and it doesn’t hinge upon chasing a man or being caught between two men. Essentially it doesn’t need that love-challenge to make the story work. I’m rather proud of that, actually.

Plus of course, obviously, it’s self-published. I think it’s yet another example of how good books are finding new ways to be seen – breaking the publishing house barrier.

Plus, with all this breaking barriers, this season of Canada Reads is in store for some seriously heavy reading. So, the Claires could lighten things up, too. At least a bit.

Anyhow, as I said, this is an impossibly lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng shot. Without a publisher rallying behind a title, it really is damn difficult to get seen at that kind of level. But life is full of million to one shots.  I got Zsolt to email them with my book today. 🙂 By the by, I think anyone can nominate a book – they don’t go checking nationality.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Now I’m off to clean the kitchen . . . again. Dear Kitchen, please grow up and learn to wash yourself.

Thanks for reading this self-promoting post, and if you do contact the CBC to suggest Claire Never Ending, thank you so much!


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