POOF – I’m a Plugin!

I’ve fallen into the computer and I can’t get out!



Why have I turned into a plugin? As I was commenting to my co-host Kevin, it felt as if these past couple weeks in prepping Write Along Radio, my new podcast for writers, has been sucking me into this computer screen/fan noise vortex. From figuring out themes, wordpress.org, hosting, backing up, pluggin in, headers, images, streaming and more . . . When kevin cracked a joke that we ourselves were turning into just another WordPress plugin, which made total sense.

Anyone out there ever program/host their own site? It’s intimidating and bizzare and thrilling, no?

But sweet relief! The website is ready, the podcasts have been edited and uploaded, the whole production is rolling! I’m so very proud of our revised and refreshed writing podcast. The sound quality has been knocked up a few levels, and we’ve got actual formats: writing challenges, book discussions, and industry interviews!

So, if you are a writer/blogger/enjoying of writing, and you like online radio shows (i.e. podcasts) here is what you can do next:

1) Visit the website and say hell0. I’d love a comment for the Write Along Radio comment fields.

2) Subscribe the the radio RSS feed at iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever podcast RSS feeder you prefer.

3) Do a happy dance with me!

Also we’ll be having giveaways all week, including a cute “Happy Writer” t-shirt that I painted with my own two hands. Okay well, we aren’t giving that specific t-shirt in the picture below because . . . well, I may have melted plastic to the back of it while using a binder as a flat surface while ironing the material with my frying pan. BUT, I’ll make you your own t-shirt, so that’s even better πŸ™‚ Keep your eye on the site and it’s social pages for news.

p.s. We have a fun blooper reel for Newsletter Subscribers to Write Along Radio πŸ™‚

Celebratory post over and out! πŸ™‚

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