Did a quick doodle on Zsolt’s new touchscreen. I’m rather impressed with the “play” factor of drawing right onto a screen. It’s like a sketch book, only I can do more after the sketch is done. I haven’t done anything to this, but it gets me excited around possibilities for some doodles. 🙂 ~Catherine


3 thoughts on “doodling

  1. This is good! I’m pretty hopeless with touh screens – if I tried something like that it’d end up looking like something my 3 yr old nephew produced with etch-a-sketch!

  2. Watch out Picasso, here comes Catherine!
    Did you use your finger or a special pen for the doodle? What software did you use?
    I have a touch screen PC and I want to do doodles like the ones you have done in the past for your blog.

    • Thanks for your answer about using your finger with “Paint.” I’ll give that a try on my screen … I hope my cats don’t watch me, otherwise I’ll end up with scratches on my screen and some interesting c-artwork!

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