2:00 AM Pixel Style

I’m taking a video game class this week. It’s exciting. I thought maybe I could make a video game around coping/treating/attacking cancer. It’s just an idea. I’m not actually sure where the ‘game’ aspect would come in, but if anyone has any personal coping techniques they love, please do let me know. Maybe it’s a morning drink, or a meditation, a phrase they repeat over and over, an act of advocacy, or even an act of escape. a treatment you believe in, a For me it’s often just finding a way to let the steam release.

So, yesterday at 2:00 am when I woke up with a tight chest and fear, I got up and drew this picture. It’s my first bit of pixel art. Reminds me of playing adventure games, so it seems fitting for this upcoming video game class.

Sleepless Night

7 thoughts on “2:00 AM Pixel Style

  1. Great pixel art. It conveys the drama in the scene so well.

    It makes me think of illustrations in the Enid Blyton adventure books I used to read as a child; illustrations which made the stories more haunting.

    Your art grabs me the way your stories do. You have two great talents that complement each other.

  2. I am thrilled you are taking a video game class. Love your first rendition. I drink a Hawaiian tea in the mornings flavored with passion fruit, imagining my passion to be eradicating the cancer cells in my brain. I also journal, using quotes I have found particularly inspiring. Hope that helps. Hang in there. Hugs, Jan

  3. *Hugs* Neat image. I know that feeling all too well you portrayed. May you find peace in that morning drink, phrase, meditation or whatever helps you find a little bit of zen.

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