Cruising to Hungary!

So, we just bought ourselves two tickets to Europe on the Queen Mary. Yep. That happened. June 3rd.

Yay for Hungary! Yay for Sailing! Yay for Balaton!

(boo not getting onto studies. I’m officially on some other hormone blocker instead. Hmm. But hopefully the drug I wanted will soon be commercially available, so it won’t need a study. Soon. Hopefully. In the meanwhile, I’ll try the healing water of my favourite lake & work with my mom!)

Queen Mary 2 Front Cover

7 thoughts on “Cruising to Hungary!

  1. dear Catherine,

    I had to go quiet and stop reading/commenting on BC blogs for several months now. but I’ve caught up with your posts – so many highs, so many lows! and now as I am slowly getting back into reading and writing, I am so delighted to read this post! hooray, hooray for you and your Manny-man, for the Queen Mary, for Hungary, and the waters of Lake Balaton!

    much love and Bon Voyage,

    Karen xoxo

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