Happy Writer T-Shirt – Woohoo!

Well, today I took some time to get this rolling! It’s the Happy-Writer Tee from my podcast, Write Along Radio. I took the original design, scanned it, ‘vectored it’ and now it’s on a t-shirt. I’ve tried to keep the price low at 19.99 US (plus shipping). If any of you bloggers/writers out there want to grab one, now is a darn good time 🙂 The fellow who won the giveaway has said that it helps him write. This made me smile to read.

Enjoy and Happy Writing! ~Catherine


Will be a bit different. Click the picture to check out the new version.


P.S. We are aiming for 50 as in, it would be nice. But regardless of whether that number is met, any orders placed will be fufilled. Ta!

8 thoughts on “Happy Writer T-Shirt – Woohoo!

  1. My “Happy Writer” shirt order is in. Whoo hoo!

    As I sing my happy song in my head, I think of the guy in the video with the cat on his T-shirt … I love that T-shirt … hum, something to think about once I done writing my book about my cats, T-shirts with my cat design on it … thanks for the idea Catherine. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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