Wedding anniversary :)

This is the summer of moments, my friends. Today is Z’s and my six year wedding anniversary. We went to the Little India lunchtime buffet to celebrate. Now we are back home being not-so-romantic by getting back to work.

BUT you know what is romantic? Visting the place we met ten years ago. And that is exactly what we’re going to be doing this summer. So get yourself ready for some sappy storytelling love-infused posts.

In the meanwhile, to my dearest husband, happy anniversary. You are everything, and I think we’ve done a fantastic job of never forgetting how much we mean. Nagyon Szeretlek!


Zsolt and I

13 thoughts on “Wedding anniversary :)

  1. You both look so young to have been married so long! (Snicker, check the first sentence). You just have a place in my heart Catherine. I love the gentle way you think, but you seem to be as strong as iron when necessary. I follow you and your heart as they travel through the world. Can’t wait for the next adventure. And you do sappy well, so no worries.

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  3. Happy Anniversary Catherine and Zsolt. What’s romantic is seeing Zsolt sneak his hand under a food court table to tenderly squeeze Catherine’s hand. I was touched by the tenderness of the moment. Wishing you both a wonderful time in Hungary to build on more romantic memories.

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