Zsolt becomes Canadian

Guess who became Canadian? Zsolt!

It’s been a ridiculous week, but one wonderful silver lining was my husband gaining his Canadian citizenship. It’s surreal. I was half outta my head with fever this week, but still went to the ceremony because you cannot miss your husband becoming CANADIAN.

Please help me welcome him to Canada. Congratulations, Zsolt!

And thanks to mom, dad and David who were at the ceremony, too.

xoxox! Catherine


13 thoughts on “Zsolt becomes Canadian

  1. Whoo hoo, Zsolt! Congratulations on becoming Canadian, while wearing your Canadian scarf. Catherine, it’s great that you and your family were at the ceremony. It’s a wonderful feeling to become Canadian and to know that one is part of this great country.

  2. Are those snowflakes that I see on this blog? A snowflake welcome for Zsolt … so Canadian, eh?

    Hum, reminds me that I landed in Canada shortly after midnight, in the middle of a snow storm, my first sight of snow!

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