Just a little nothing

My honey has a new job! YES – congratulations, Zsolt! You do good work, and this is a good thing! The job is kind of an extension of his previous work – only now he gets to work with a great team and learn even more. I’m super proud of him 🙂

And with this new job, he received an iPad, which is fancy. And with that iPad, we found a doodle app.

And with that doodle app, I was doodling 🙂

This, along with a nice few days spent in Montreal, was a lovely distraction for tomorrow head MRI.


6 thoughts on “Just a little nothing

  1. Your doodling is artistic and is of the free-flowing style I would love to emulate with my water colours. Your approach to shading has always been great … that’s why I say you are an artist … your sense of light and shadow is excellent and is an aspect of your artwork that I always notice.

  2. I love your doodles! After reading Teva’s book I keep pondering doodling more and drawing more. You should look at Fiftythree.com at their pencil for drawing. It is a lot of fun.

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