15 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY!

  1. Glad to see you are painting a painting for your mom. If by chance you need any help, just ask me as I have been painting for a long time and be more than happy to help you.. I am doing a painting for a six million dollar home presently. Just go on my facebook and you will see my paintings. You are a very brave young lady Catherine and we are saying prayers for you.

  2. I didn’t know your family had a cottage! I am torn about cottage life – I usually have a good time but the idea of heading out into a wilderness, with all the bugs and the substandard plumbing and lack of cell service gives me hives. It’s so very un-Canadian of me. My friend Lee Ann wrote a book about the development of the Muskoka Road, the main road that cut through the brush to create the Muskoka area, and when I read about the people battling the blackflies and forging waterfalls and building cabins out of trees they chopped down themselves…I realize that I’m pretty soft on the outside and on the inside :).

    Looks like you had a wonderful time, though, with great weather. You’re a true patriot!

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