Lovely day with the family. Still incredibly exhausted, which leads to my becoming emotional, but food seems to help quite a bit. This afternoon my weepiness was dispelled with a plate of sweet potato fries (a la Tony).

JP, my older brother, lent a hand with some acupressure and massage today; it was divine, I mean divine. He has a lighter touch than my Southampton acupuncturist, but still so effective. And, unlike in Southampton, he added on a massage in the arm, legs and back.

Really fascinating – he massaged my right arm without any issues, but as he moved to my left I suddenly felt overwhelmed. Why? Because that’s my chemo arm, and the experience of chemotherapy pre-picc line apparently runs deep. Pretty freaking deep. JP had me do some visualization and breathing: breath in, out and smile.

Tomorrow we’re going to meet with my new Canadian oncologist. Oh boy, I’m a little nervous. But, of course, one step at a time.

One step at a time!

So, see you tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even draw a picture.