Here is something fun :)

So, to jump off from that last post – here is something FUN.

I have been body-deep in the painting lately. I say that, because the stuff is splattered all over me. Zsolt keeps finding more paint on my neck and face . . . on on our living room furniture . . . sink . . . back splash . . .

Anyhow, it’s good fun and a wonderful distraction from other aspects of life. There’s an element of disconnection, follow by some moments of emotional processing, and then back to disconnection and process. Every time I sit down to paint, I never know what will happen. Every time I find myself surprised. Sometimes frustrated. But often quite satisfied. It’s a learning process to say the least.


And let’s face it – I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t set up a website for my better bits of art. So I have taken my love of website building and am experimenting with Etsy. After suggesting a friend give it a go with her artwork, I decided to try it myself. After all – there is literally nothing to lose.

Here it is – and maybe I’ll continue, and maybe I’ll abandon it entirely. Either way, it has been great fun. Fun, fun, fun. And healing, and fun.


(Here’s a mental picture. Zsolt builds his Lego models while I paint in my sunny corner. This, to me, is a form of everyday bliss.)