An Explosion of Gas from my Brain*

2You know what I’ve never really understood? I have never quite understood that phrase, “You can learn from my mistakes.” Some part of that has never settled well within my mind. Do you know what I mean?

In life I want to learn. For instance, I want to create three columns in a wordpress post. So I google it, find the CSS code, and create those columns – all because some lovely person took the time to share that resource online. But then I want to have two columns rather than three, and try to edit it, and ruin everything. I’ve made a mistake. To fix it, I’ll really, really need to start paying attention to what the heck is in that CSS code, and what all these little labels mean, and why everything did a back flip with I erased that little “/”

What am I talking about in this post? Hang on, I’m trying to form a complete thought, and it’s probably (based on past blog posts) going to form at some point.

During Women Executive Network breakfasts (which I get to enjoy thanks to, they often have a question for the speakers that goes like this: If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would it be? And then inevitably sometime wise and full of insight gets shared. Which is lovely. Except. . .

Except those insights have derived from the highs and the lows of previous experiences. That knowledge was made from all the mistakes and successes in that person’s life.

Basically what I am saying is looking to save people from their mistakes just doesn’t make sense. (Not to me, at least) Mistakes are good. They are necessary. They can be terrible. They certainly are difficult. They force change. They are surprising. They create deep knowledge.

Mistakes are intrinsic to life, and life is worth living.

You know what I really like? I like when people share their knowledge/stories as a resource – not as an ultimate cure-all answer. We can still make the mistakes, but knowing someone else has made them too is reassuring (even knowing they are making them at the same time as you is reassuring. I’m thinking of chats with my girlfriends, where we compare life notes over tea). Knowing there are other people facing similar challenges gives me a sense of connection and understanding. I also like when I make mistakes, and someone can help me look at what I’ve just lived through and understand how to pivot. I really appreciate coaches, mentors, friends, google articles, etc., that hold up a mirror.

Don’t deny me the mistakes . . . guide me through them . . . laugh with me . . . live them with me.

Anyhow. I just wanted to write that down. It’s awesome to have teachers, but there aren’t shortcuts in life. Maybe we get easy answers with the online sharing of knowledge – but that doesn’t mean no burdens or efforts. Mistakes are going to happen.

This is as far as I feel like writing. My thoughts have not come together particularly well, but at least I got this off my mind. Oh my goodness there is so much to do today! You ever make one of those lists for the day . . . and it’s already past noon, and you’ve only done about 2 out of 10?!

That’s is me right now.



*Brain Fart