The schedule cometh

Today I received a letter from the hospital detailing my entire chemo schedule. I even know what chair I’ll be sitting in for each appointment, and the length of time I’ll be there for (1. 15 hour and 1.45 after switching medications). There are, in total, sixteen sessions with the last session arriving just before Christmas (December 10th, 2010). This means that maybe, just maybe, I’ll be making it home for Christmas this year. It’s an idea that warms my heart.

But before running off to Canada with wrapped presents in my arms (oh, I am looking forward to that day), there are several things that must be done before chemosizing my life.  Apart from visiting the local coffee shop while blatantly lacking a bra (and feeling damn good about it), I need to start Zsolt’s application for residence, find a wig, take a holiday, browse apartments and eventually visit the mastectomy store.

I’m very thankful for this time off from cancer. It’s been nice, and I think will continue to be nice. July 30th is ever looming, but the sooner it starts the sooner it is over. In the meantime I’ll just take a few deep breaths and keep calming myself down.