Just Dance

Last week Zsolt and I gifted Anita with a new Wii game: Just Dance. (They  – Anita, Berci, Anna and László – have given us so many wonderful gifts; in fact I’m wearing the new blue bathrobe from Anita and Berci right now, and this morning I woke up in the incredible sheets Anna and László made possible. So our gifts to them seem quite small in comparison, but it’s all done with love.)

Has anyone played this awesome game? I guess it’s comparible to games like Rock Band etc, in that multiple players need to hit certain movement according to the screen instructions. For Just Dance there are different song choices, and then a dancer on the screen who acts out the moves (dances). And we, as the Wii players, hold the remote in our hands and follow along.

Awesome. You know why theWii is so incredible? Because there is no age limit, no skill qualification, no language barrier. The whole family was up and dancing – I have video proof, which will not (never) be posted online.  Instead I’ll post some other ladies to illustrate my point. . . . (point: it’s fun!)

Who cares about being tired when Ring my bell is blasting through the speakers, or Can’t touch this, or Surfing Bird? As a post-chemo exercise, this game is excellent.

So, family fun with the Wii. And I just loved seeing my father-in-law, László cut a rug. Great.