Home safe

We made it! Many hours later and here we are again – Southampton, UK – cosy in our flat thanks to Denise and her wonderful touches. How nice is it to walk into your home after a month away, feel its warmth, see desserts on the table (and a beautiful pile of fruit), have milk for your tea and then crash into bed?

How nice?

Incredibly nice.

Zsolt and I both had safe flights, and we found each other easily. Apart from a crashing GPS system and a few minutes of motorway panic, all went smoothly.

So now it’s on to the next phase of recovery, coupled with the next phase of our lives. Within the upcoming six or seven months we’ll have a thesis defence, uprooting of home, touring of Europe, graduation, and immigration. MAN what a blockbuster year ahead.

It’s been wonderful

This is my last night in Canada. *sigh of reflection. It’s been wonderful, how else can I describe it? Wonderful. Being with family, resting, seeing friends, letting go of stress (maybe not all, but a lot), starting to get better, finding comfort, giving comfort, real hugs instead of skype conversations and sleeping in my old room. Wonderful.

But Zsolt is waiting – and I’m anxious to launch into his arms for a giant, awesome, homecoming embrace. Nothing is complete without him. He’s the cherry on top of everything, and an important part of my recovery.

I’m leaving home and I’m going home. Funny, eh, but it’s the truth.