A Normal Day: Random Post

This is what a typical day looks like. I mean the days that don’t take me out of the apartment. Those days ‘out’ are fairly typical too (since I do work outside the home as well). But not my favourite kinds of days. So here is what a typical favourite kind of day looks like:

(Why am I writing about this? I don’t know. I feel like it. Do we always need a reason for what we write? Antidisestablishmentarianism is the longest word in the English language, so a friend named Curtis once told me. Why did I tell you that? For no reason whatsoever 😉

Our Day

Zsolt and I wake up at some point. I wake up before him almost always without fail. That wasn’t always the case, but for some reason it flipped around. I guess that might be due to the days when I need to get up and leave – life outside the apartment happens early. But on days at home we don’t wake up early, that’s for sure. Typically we’re still up at midnight taking about business in the darkness of our bedroom, trying to figure out plans and the ‘what comes next’ – it’s not really good bedtime chatter, but we do it anyhow!

Right, we wake up. At this point there is a pretty big decision that needs to be made: do I wear pyjamas or not? Because you know, it’s a nice kind of day when you get to wear PJs, but it’s a far more productive day when I wear real pants. Ultimately I choose yoga pants because I’m busy but also lazy, and there’s no denying that.

Then – if this is a very good day – I do the morning routine: Wake, put on the kettle, blend frozen veggies and fruit and drink with my vitamins, make matcha tea, read the news.

After that, if it is a very, very good day, I clean something. Maybe it is the kitchen, or the bedroom, or maybe it’s the laundry that has likely grown to be about 5 feet tall. (Seriously)

Once that is all over, I hop on my computer to get to work. Ever since leaving one community management job, my morning has changed and I’m still trying to figure out how best to fill in this time. Do I build that website I need to build? Do I proof that story? Do I write an article? Do I get on with Easy-Patent admin? What about Sister Leadership? Do I go and wash more dishes?

Having written that paragraph, I realize what I should do with that morning window of time. I should write – just write. Maybe I write a random and unimportant blog post. Zsolt in the meanwhile is wrapping up the news, and just launching into his day of earning concrete bucks doing what he really enjoys: searching the internet.

Then at some point, lunch is made. Dishes pile up. We eat. Zsolt looks at the window incase something interesting might happen. Then, back to work.

We work throughout the afternoon. On the very, very, very good days I get to push along projects that make my heart buzz and face smile. And then, if I’m lucky, I eventually finish something. Often I don’t finish anything. That happens wayyyy too often, actually.

Then I go and make dinner. More dishes. We eat. We watch something on the computer. Back to work.

By the time 9 pm arrive, I generally stop working and jump over to cleaning more dishes, or doing projects that aren’t ever going to earn me a buck, or reading an excellent book (which only happens on the very, very, very, very good days) or maybe writing if I’m feeling ambitious. I might also be recording my podcast if it is a Tuesday. Zsolt keep working for Easy-Patent.

By about 10:30 I’m in bed. Zsolt will keep working, and he’ll stop around 11 ish. At some point during this day, we may have taken showers, and we will have brushed our teeth. These aren’t important details, but I thought I would mention it in case you are curious. Sometimes we play Super Mario, because it’s awesome, but that’s not a regular thing.

Zsolt comes to bed.

We talk about our day, and about the business, and eventually about stupid little things.

We go to sleep. I have hot flashes. I go to sleep again.

And that is that.