The Fresh Tree Debate

Yesterday afternoon my brother and I were sitting by the fire, conspiring over plans to put up a Christmas tree. Daniel suggested that we buy a real tree this year since Home Depot was selling them cheap, and I agreed this would be great since Zsolt is used to having a real tree whenever he celebrates Christmas in Hungary. The Zsoltster will be here with us this year in Canada, so maybe a real tree would help him feel more at home. (?)

So that was the plan – we were off to buy a tree. Until Tony Buzz-Kill showed up and said, “no tree for two more weeks,” claiming it was “way too early” to buy a real tree for Christmas.

WordPress has this lovely feature that allows me to create a poll in my post. So – first time ever, here’s a bumpyboobs poll: Should we buy a tree and enjoy the Christmas cheer, or is my father, aka. the grinch, right and we need to wait?

What do you think?