The Day I Found Out

Just over a month ago I was asked to create a video for a project called “The Day I Found Out”. It’s a page where survivors of cancer talk about the day they heard their diagnosis. Sounds like heavy stuff, eh? Well, it is. But it’s also really uplifting, because these videos don’t just talk about cancer diagnosis – they talk about inspiration, and courage, and determination. The thing I found most incredible when watching these videos is how survivors turn to their joys for support. Whether it’s helping others, creating music, writing, family – the diagnosis of cancer, while potentially devastating, was also a turning point for so many.

I won’t write a long posting about this. Instead, I’ll invite you to view the video. It took several takes (and an overloading of memory on the computer), and I have to admit – I was surprised by the results. Now-a-days I can ramble on about post-chemo wonders, and la la la, but take me back to “the day I found out” and the emotions are still there, still bubbling.

That’s my battle to keep fighting. But in the meanwhile, please do have a look. The creators worked hard on this page, and I think they have every reason to be proud (as do the stars of each and every video!). Here’s my five-minutes of youtube fame:

Thanks to Cliff for getting me involved.