Going on a business trip!

Eight days since I’ve written a post! Wow. Well, here’s a quick update that I’m excited to share. At this moment I’m at the Ottawa International Airport about to fly off to Toronto. This is a business trip – and it gives me goose bumps all over to say, “Business Trip” – how very professional, eh? Can you imagine me here in my charcoal business suit with the pencil skirt and too high heels? Leather briefcase by my side and a crisp button up shirt underneath my suit jacket?

Probably not. Because in reality I’m in my trainers, with lulu lemons I forgot to wash after getting saw dust on them yesterday, carrying a purse that reads, “Keep Calm and Carry On” with my favourite polka dot jacket draped behind me.

Not exactly business class apparel. But certainly more comfortable for travelling.

Here’s the fun bit that only Canadian readers would appreciate – I’m going to be flying Porter Airlines, which will basically cruise me into Toronto and deposit me directly in front of my hotel (Royal York). This is certainly an easy way to fly – I wish international travels could be so perfectly executed.

Anyhow – this post needs to be a quickie. I’ll write and tell you more later, when I’ve actually had the photo shoot. In the meanwhile have yourself a lovely day. Enjoy this ridiculously warm weather. And eat your vegetables!