Map of Naps

I’m going to try going to work this week. Not going but working. ‘go’ in a virtual sense. Also going to find out the new plan on tackling the distortion in my eyes, and get results on other things. Bah! I handle none of this with grace. Rather, I handle it through pajama pants and hooded sweatshirts.

It will be quite nice to start working! There are a few things on my mind about how my job is ticking along, and I’d really like to follow them up. Now I can finally quench that curiosity. This makes me feel pretty stellar.

map of naps

The only thing is, my energy has a way of tanking quite rapidly. The body requires several small naps a day, otherwise I hit the ground like a . . . rock. Yes, like a rock.

We’ve been on and off staying with my parents (largely on) and they have been incredible in helping us get through the treatments. Incredible. My whole family has been so supportive, and it touches me quite a bit. While we had great support in England, there’s no one like family when it comes to actually asking for help. I’m far less embarrassed. And when it comes to my mom, she is a great advocate in helping me spell out exactly what is needed. 🙂

Part of the results will be to see how my skull and brain are doing. Of course I’m nervous. There is good reason to be nervous. But this is treatment time, so whatever is happening will hopefully be treated. Treated so we can move forward.

One really nice thing I’ve literally noticed only while typing the blog post is my use of double letters. There was a tumour developing between my skull and brain, and I think my typing was giving away a sign of this. Essentially it became quite difficult for me to type without using double letters. Every other sentence I’d use an incorrect double letter. Like this:

Actually Actually Acctually acctually acctually actually actually acctually actually

Like that.

That is me typing the word actually several times in a row without correcting myself. I cannot stop doing the double ‘c’.

However, despite the word ‘actually’ remaining a challenge. I did just type about 200 words in a row without any doubles. Not bad. Believe me, this is serious progress. Maybe it means things are improving in my  head. I hope so.

With results upcoming, I like to take the little signs of progress to heart. It’s important because it’s alsso (Damn!) quite terrifying.  This is not a small deal.

However, in the meanwhile as I go to work and appointments and results and such, there are always the naps. Sweet, wonderful naps.

The End.