Out for lunch, be back soon.

Okay, I am off to Corfu for the week. Cheap accommodation in Kavos means no internet. Zsolt has plans for us to leave the ‘sleepy’ village of southern Greece (‘run from it’ might be a better phrase) and visit Corfu Town and Albania. Albania. The only thing I know about Albania is there was once a Simpsons character from that area.

But I would like to treat this as a proper vacation, rather than a touring trip with day-in, day-out excursions. There is a pool, there is a beach. I will bring my laptop in hopes of writing more of my generations story. I’m on the sixth generation and she’s just flowing from my fingers like maple syrup onto pancakes.

I’m looking forward to sporting my new bikini and trying something with feta. They do good feta in Greece, right? Ok, honestly the only thing I know about Greece is that the watermelons are larger than . . . than . . . Canadian watermelons.

So wish us luck. And I wish you luck as well with whatever you aspire for the week.

See you later, alligators!