Blogging Personality

So I saw this personality test on the Vlog, and thought I’d like to give it a try. But rather than writing 3500 random phrases, I just pulled from my blog posts and inputted it. Then it analyzed the text and gave me my personality results. Not bad, I think! I’ll take that 🙂 Here’s a link if you want to try it yourself.

This is what IBM had to say about my blogging personality. If you write or blog, maybe give it a try as well? It could be a fun little game to see what you are expression through your words. (as a computer program would interpret)


You are social.

You are empathetic: you feel what others feel and are compassionate towards them. You are confident: you are hard to embarrass and are self-confident most of the time. And you are outgoing: you make friends easily and feel comfortable around other people.

You are motivated to seek out experiences that provide a strong feeling of efficiency.

You are relatively unconcerned with achieving success: you make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. You consider helping others to guide a large part of what you do: you think it is important to take care of the people around you.


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Also, I had some news the other day. One step at a time and all of that. It could be worse, of course. Though knowing that doesn’t always make life super fun to manage, does it?