Immigrating to Canada

All right! Today is a step forward in the Sámson family. This very morning we’ve paid for an application for Zsolt as a Canadian resident.

It is exciting, yet slightly bittersweet because leaving England means leaving Europe, which by extension means leaving Hungary. But it’s a change that we’ve decided upon, and frankly I think is necessary.

Home is such a funny topic. Where is home? Is it the place we live in, the people we are with, the memories we hold? I don’t know. Even when I do return to my house in Kanata it’s incomplete without my husband.

I suppose it is in the moments. Sitting under a maple tree, eating mandarins from a paper bag, meeting with friends, taking a walk, being with family, swimming in Balaton. . . anyhow, it’s something I long for and will be the best medicine once found. We’ll go to Canada – Zsolt and I together – and see what can be done.

We’ve been talking this morning about buying a canoe, or a kayak. Ottawa is so wonderful for its access to water, being able to get out there would be a wonderful experience.

Today was a good step forward. A very good step.