A great storyteller: Kate Matthews

I’ve been a big fan of author and cartoonist Kate Matthews for some time now, following her hilarious posts on facebook and sharing them with the online Bumpyboobs and Facing Cancer Together communities – so when I saw she was offering up a free ebook for whoever could guess what was in this picture, I jumped on the opportunity.

Like, I literally jumped. I was all, “OH! OH!” and somersaulted to my personal Bumpyboobs facebook account to give my response. And, high-five everyone, it was totally correct.

That’s how I connected with Kate beyond just the Facebook fandom. She sent me a copy of her ebook, the Little Pink Book of (mostly) Cancer Cartoons and I had a hoot flipping through the e-pages and enjoying her witty take on breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, coping, relationships, LIFE, etc.


She gets it, you know? She really gets it. From booby heaven, hair loss replacement options (i.e. silly string), things people say, mastectomy, lymphedema, pink suffocation, and trying to feel normal. She gets it, and she made me laugh. What a beautiful combination. 🙂

But then Kate wrote me and offered to send along (in hardcopy – woohoo!) her other book, the Little Green Book of (Mostly) Happy Household Cartoons, with an ebook version to wet my appetite  – and I realized she doesn’t just get it, she really gets it.

It’s a pleasure to flip through the normal-day-and-life cartoons Kate has created alongside and after the breast cancer diagnosis. Life goes on, and yes we can be haunted by the circumstances, by NED wire walking, by the worry . . . but life goes on, and the little things are so wonderful. My life with Zsolt has me laughing daily, and Kate’s life reflected in her cartoons reminds me of those family moments, those lazy moments, those ridiculous moments (I’m thinking cockroaches here, though she just has spiders), that make each day so lovely.

And you know what the incredible thing is? Kate admits that before she started the cartoons, she couldn’t draw. Okay, so the women and men of the Little Books aren’t Disney-animation perfect, but they’re almost better for that lack of perfection. Life isn’t perfect, we are not perfect . . . but expressing your story despite all that is pretty darn awesome.

Anyhow, I just read her “Adam/Even and the apple full of antioxidants” comic and it got a burst of laughter. So, because I really believe in creativity and quality, and I love to support a fellow writer – if you are looking for a charming book this Christmas, whether you’re stocking a reader, tablet, find a book to hold, or just treating yourself, please do consider checking out Kate Matthews. She’ll have you laughing through cancer (a freaking miracle suitable to the time of year), and she’ll have you laughing through real & wonderfully normal life.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I think I’ll go back to my reading, and my giggling. Happy holidays everyone!

Little Pink Book of (mostly) Cancer Cartoons (Hard Copy) (Kindle)

Little Green Book of (Mostly) Happy Household Cartoons (Hard Copy) (Kindle)

P.S. I did get some free book bling, but I’ve been a fan of Kate for ages. And I’m not making anything from the Amazon links. She’s just a great cartoonist! Oh, and she’s on facebook if you’d like to follow.