A Brilliant Review of Claire Never-Ending (I’m happy dancing)

๐Ÿ™‚ I saw this today while riding through grey, grey Ottawa on the bus and shaking the rain off my toque. Full disclosure, I know Kevin from the Ottawa Writing scene and as two newly self-published authors, it’s good to encourage one another. So, with that in mind, after I get through with this post, I urge you to visit his page and writing beyond just this gorgeous review.

There are three exciting things about this review.

Page Turners

Donโ€™t hurt yourself with squinting. Read this post, then click the picture and go to the actual review.

1) It’s so well done! He is seeing things in this novel that I hadn’t realized. Actually, that’s the thrill of putting a novel into the world, other people have a chance to make it their own by interpretation. This is a fantastic example of just that.

2) He’s a guy! I’m totally pleased that Claire Never-Ending, even if “boxed” as women’s fiction, can have appeal to everyone.

3) More buzz around the book! I’ve been chatting with Marie of @JBBC about bringing together my many hats/brand, blog touring, and learning how to promote a novel. It’s honestly rather challenging to tackle promotion on one’s own without a publisher without getting burnt out. The novel was a very healing experience for me to both write and produce. I think it became a saving grace in difficult times. But what is it now? Is it still my journey? Reading a review like Kevin’s helps me realize that The Adventures of Claire Never-Ending needs to be about your stories and connections now. I want to pass it forward, and champion more of these individual experiences with the story – whether it’s the reader, the reviewer, or you folks reading this silly little blog post.

Anyhow, there are challenges and changes. All good things. This review is a great way to kick-off that evolution. So, please do enjoy! I felt like I was reading my book again through fresh eyes in his review.

So, thank you so much Kevin! (Author of The Page Turners)