Big Kiss For You

MMUH! Happy New Year!!!


I think I get this from Seinfeld’s soup nazi, but my brain mixes in ‘kiss’ instead of soup, and ’Big’ instead of no.

Welcome to 2014! Last night the idea made me emotional. This morning it made me grumpy. Now I am wearing a new dress (Christmas present) and feeling a bit better. These are the days of emotional rollar coasters. So what to do? Focus on something that makes me happy, along with putting on a dress. Therefore, I did this picture. It’s makes me happy 🙂 And I made the first chapter of my novel (Amelia’s story) free on smashwords for the New Year – to bring in a big balloon of hope that anything is possible. If you haven’t read the book, you can start with this fun starter 🙂

Also, three people won my Goodreads giveaway, so that is pretty exciting too. And while I pledged to not do book stuff till the new year and I returned to Canada… geez, I cannot help myself sometimes. Know what I mean?

May you dip into what makes you smile today, and for much of your time in 2014. Cheers to getting up and getting dressed, to silly internet memes, to the sight of fireworks exploding across a city (i.e. Pecs, where we watched from the balcony and shivered in the cold, and I thought – “well this is one way to start things rolling,”), to emotional journeys, to big realizations, to the advancement of science, to the loving of ourselves, to GOOD SCANS and to GOOD BOOKS.

MUH! BIG KISS FOR YOU! Happy new years.

[Oh and to newsletters, mine can be found here. Yes, I plugged it. I told you, I can’t help myself. This is what brings me joy ;)]