No, it’s a white blood cell!

I’m trying to encourage my immune system to step things up. Therefore, today, I honour my white blood cells through art – like an overenthusiastic talk show fan with far too much time. Oh mighty white blood cells rocketing like meteors through my blood stream, please keep up your strength and find any potentially lingering cancer cells floating around.

Seek. Kill. Destroy! Ah, hahaha!

And now I sound like an evil villain. But honestly, isn’t seeking and killing and destroying exactly what needs to happen? Yes, it is. So – Ah, hahaha!

With this new chemotherapy drug my body experiences less exhaustion, so I’d like to use my extra energy to address the cancer (preferably my lack of cancer, but because there is no test to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether it’s still in my body, I will just say – address the cancer)

But honestly, chemo or no chemo, cancer still scares me. How can I work on a problem that makes me contemplate life expectancy? I guess that’s the challenge.

I know that I don’t want to get cancer ever again. I know I don’t want to do chemotherapy ever again. I am 100% positive that I’m ready to get on with my life, totally cancer free. If I can’t be sure of my chances, I can at least be sure of these things. It’s a starting point. Funny how these starting points keep appearing and reappearing. Mood goes up, gets knocked down . . . and there is another starting point.

Today I will try and focus on having a  really healthy immune system, which targets any oddities and removes them from my system. I’ve drawn the picture, and now I’ll try and write about it – in private, away from the blog.

Honestly I just wanted to show everyone my superhero white blood cell. Sometimes it feels like I’m still in grade school doing show and tell. “Hey, look what I did!”

PS – Zsolt just introduced me to Purple Rain. Twenty eight years old, and I’ve never heard this song before!