Snow day!

Last night it snowed in Southampton, and today it’s still on the ground. This winter miracle has stacked up over fifteen centimetres and warranted a university closure just as I was due in to work. As normal, southern England is shut down by a mild snow storm . . .


It’s so beautiful outside, the trees are coated in white and cold fluff. If I had the energy (and the equipment) I’d cross country ski through the common and have a hot chocolate at the Cowherds. I’d throw snowballs at my husband and complain when he returned fire. I’d boil maple syrup then spread it over snow.

Reality: I took a bus to the hospital. Wohoo!

But even if I didn’t do all those lovely winteresque activities, this change in scenery is good for the soul. White, fresh and beautiful, covering all the grey;  I really like snow.

Happy snow day, everyone.