Pretty Postcards

Hi there. I’m currently in distraction mode, so thought I’d share with you this Etsy store with adorable postcards. If you are going to send a postcard, make it an adorable one . . . or a really weird one. In this case, it’s all about adorable. When I saw her page, it made me think of the Claires, and how they’d for sure be sending a postcard like this to one another ๐Ÿ™‚

Droomkleuren’s Etsy Shop

(Okay, I read her blog too. The women who makes these cards makes a lot ofย  lovely things.)

From Etsy shop droomkleuren

Enjoy the distraction!


This Is Not A Post: #Feminism & Family

Here is a link to an article that I read, which made a lot of sense. My parents have been doing this ‘make it work for you & your family’ sort of approach every since I can remember. While I don’t consider the only definition of success as being at the top of an organization (because there’s many different ways to be strong, and important, and influential, and passionate) – I do think things are changing, and this balance between work and life is for the better. Sure this is about Feminism, but more so I think it’s about family . . .

Anyhow. This isn’t a quirky post from a bumpy life, instead it’s a well constructed article on women in the workplace. Click through if you dare!

๐Ÿ™‚ Catherine

“Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”