Got Grit?

A friend shared this over on Twitter, and I’m glad she did. It’s the kind of message I need to hear over and over – whether I’m waiting for results, starting a new project, or continuing on with long-standing dream. According to this lady with the good ideas and lovely boots (making me think I should update my 10 year old standby squaretoed boots), long term success doesn’t have much to do with background, looks, health or intelligence. It really, overarchingly, connects to grit-determination-resilience-and coming back again and again.

And while much of me acts like a big crying mess (which is also healthy at times), another part of me is most certainly gritty – stubborn, passionate, hopeful. When I want something, I really, really want it and that doesn’t go away easily. As Angela Lee Duckworth says in her video – it doesn’t mean you won’t fail, it just means that failure isn’t seen as the end point. We can get up, brush off, and keep going. This is the sort of thing I need to be reminded of indirectly over and over again. Maybe you too? If you’d like a little inspiration to help along with the day, here’s the video I’m talking about. 🙂