House Hunters R Us

You know how I was packing that suitcase to travel, without even having a plane ticket? Well, Zsolt and I spent last Sunday doing something pretty similar to packing. We went and looked at houses.

Not that we have a mortgage. Nope. If you look at the standard list of what two entrepreneurs need to be approved for a loan, we barely squeak by. Chances are, if we were to wait one more year, we’d have more savings and a great chance of approval.

But logic has no place in the search for home. And while I’m feeling quite okay with renting, my husband has had his heart set on property for a very, very long time. Plus what the hell are we waiting for, except per-approval?

The other day, we had to call the bank for something to do with taxes and accessing accounts or whatever. BORING! From that conversation, the customer service fellow suggested Zsolt’s business might be interested in acquiring a ‘pre-approved’ credit card. Would we like to apply?

We do our banking by speaker phone, so that we can both listen in. Now we were miming our responses to one another, him doing the maybe face, me doing the no way head shake. I hate these slide-it-in promotions. My first and strongest instinct is always to say NO. But not my husband, and since we had considered a credit card for his business in the past . . . somehow, between his ‘why not’ hand raising, and my ‘ahhh, well’ eye brow raise . . . we ended up being transferred to the credit card department.

And spoke to another customer service guy. Long story short, we got the credit card. But the real point to that story, is the credit card guy was like ‘oh, maybe you’d be interest in talking to our mortgage people?’

And I was like NO WAY and Zsolt was like, why not? (All silently mimed, once again), then I was like, oh yeah, okay … and so a meeting was set up so we could chat with someone from the bank. We had that meeting, realized it was ‘maybe yes, maybe no’ in terms of possibilities… and decided to wait a little longer before applying.

BUT. I have to say. . . somehow, even while not being pre-approved, we ended up checking out open houses last weekend.

You know how shopping feels so good? Well house shopping feels fantastic. It’s a date, day trip and adrenaline rush rolled into one! We drove around Mississippi mills and the sticks looking for places. We found an area we rather like with water to canoe in and a forest to explore. Now I guess we need to find the money.

But every good thing needs a starting place. Whether we buy this year or next, it’s good to start.

That is all.


Limbo Land

I have that limbo song in my head just thinking about this post. Every limbo boy and girl, all around the limbo world, gonna do the limbo rock all around the limbo clock! You can thank Chubby Checkers for those awesome lyrics.

We have moved out of our Vanier apartment. Good bye massive kitchen, good bye clouds of smoke and screaming neighbours. Good bye Snack Shack, good bye walking to Bridgehead, Good bye lovely neighbourhood! While I will miss the neighbourhood – we really came to love it (with spring here, folks are beginning to venture outside again. It’s gossip on the street all spring & summer long!).

Dagmar Goodbye

We are out.

I did like it there to be honest. It was our home, and it was HUGE.

Anyhow, limbo land. I called DR Canada about whether I’m able to get onto this big important study, and have not heard back. Not really surprised. We have an appointment with him on April 20th to find out more. So, I’m okay not hearing back. I keep waiting to buy that ticket to Hungary, but may as well embrace the stillness for the brief moment that it lasts.

The move this past Sunday went very well. There were some moments of panic. Firstly, we couldn’t get the queen box spring mattress into the truck bed. So, my little brother strapped it on top of the truck and we drove at 20 km/hour to my friend’s house in the neighbourhood where we are storing our furniture for the summer. But then, the darn tootin’ box spring wouldn’t fit into their basement! My little bro gave me a jolt of panic when he said: Do you have any backup storage? Can you arrange that right now?

To which I replied: Augh!

That was pretty much his prediction over and over throughout the entire day: You will need more storage.

Actually, we did need more storage. But thankfully my friend’s lovely neighbour popped up outta nowhere (okay, from next door) and offered to house our mattresses IN HER BASEMENT! This is what I mean about Vanier having some truly lovely people. We don’t even know this lady, and she lent us space in her home. I guess the world in general is full of lovely people.

With my Dad’s truck not getting the job done fast enough, (and my entire family present, slowly losing their patience with job of moving boxes one vehicle at a time) little bro had another idea: he’d rent us a MOVING vehicle/truck! While we all thought he was away picking up some tools, he was actually out renting a moving truck. Smart guy. Once he arrived the boxes were loaded in, and off they went. It was a good idea, I’ll admit it. I’m also quite glad I didn’t  need to arrange it.

Days prior to the big move, we were dealing with the big PACK. Honestly it was driving Zsolt and I crazy sorting through so many things, packing boxes, sorting closets, cleaning spaces, sorting charity . . . packing just takes forever and it turns everything upside down. We were losing our minds in the mess, and our apartment turned into a strange maze where you navigated between stacks of cardboard boxes.

Now we are in my parents basement again, soaking up the calm spring rays of sunshine, and clean smoke-free air. I feel as if we’ve come full circle from the time we first arrive in Canada. Except, you know, it’s not at all the same, and we won’t be here for long. I’m still itching to buy that ticket to Hungary. I suppose I’ll just have to wait till April 20th to learn what type of schedule will be happening. Fingers crossed for the study. I like that option & I want that option.

And that is all. Excuse me while I go listen, again, to that limbo land song.

Move it behind the wall

I would

like to

build a



myself and

the ideas


expectations, trials, doubts, bleak realities, statistics,

or more.

On my side of the wall, the active and living side

would be


and life

and wants

and the















No doubts


to cloud

my view



I want.

I would

live on

my sunny

side of

the wall.

Take walks. Make plans. Drink tea. Heal well. Love. Create.

Live in possibility.

And the



the wall

would go




and settle






in the attic.

White sheets draped over top,

covering and muting,

into quietness.

No longer


And I would face the sun.

and Be Alive in the sun.

Peacefully Happy and