Welcome, it's nice to meet you :)

Welcome to my author page, I'm Catherine. This website is both an online bookshop for my little and longer stories (ahem, Claire Never Ending now published!!) plus merch goodies, as well as a place for my many projects to meet. Along with having Claire Never Ending in my life, I also co-host over at the podcasts OttawaWrites and Write Along Radio. When not gabbing online, you can find me slowly creating a project I like to call "Read Local" that invites cities to get to know their local authors. And of course, there is the blog that started it all: Bumpyboobs. *Happy sentimental sigh*

Fact: My brain and efforts go all over sometimes, so hopefully CatherineBrunelle.com can be one collective spot. That includes the shop, where I'll mix a little of this and that from the fun I'm having online. If ever want to say hello - leave a message, or find me over on Twitter. If you have read Claire Never Ending, then welcome x 1000 and I'm so honoured to have you here. It's a gift to know people are still enjoy their stories. I sometimes send goodies like blogging series and short writing and interesting life excerpts via the newsletter, so don't miss signing up below. ;)

Thank you for stopping by, and do have fun poking around. Click the links - you won't break anything!