Bandage off!

Five days post biopsy: I took the waterproof bandage off this morning. Here’s how it looks underneath. Not bad at all. I have one tough boob!  I won’t remove the plaster (little white strips) till this evening. The lump is still here, but not any larger. That feels like a good sign, though a better sign would be if my lump could speak and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not breast cancer.

I’ve read online that when it comes to breast cancer (which I don’t want to have), it’s better — psychologically speaking — to have the biopsy and the removal of the lump done separately. Maybe it’s easier to cope with an operation when you already know the results. So I’m glad for my biopsy.

Now I just need to wait for the results. . . !!! . . .

FYI: The bruising in this picture is much worse than the real bruising, but it’s hard to master subtle colouring in Paint. Probably not impossible, but beyond my patience.

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