Telling people

I’ve started to tell people I have breast cancer.

With every person I tell it feels more real, and further than that, I start wanting to fight back.

It’s funny when telling people, they all say “you’re such a strong person, you’ll be able to fight it.” But am I strong? I certainly didn’t feel strong two days ago, or even yesterday. I felt vulnerable and dazed and lost. But the more I share the more real it becomes, and the more I realize I must become strong because this is happening and there’s no going back in time.

So people are finding out slowly. Person by person I drop the C bomb, and they’re all shocked and all incredibly supportive. It’s amazing.

Telling people is a good thing. I was a crazy to wait so long.

2 thoughts on “Telling people

  1. My name is Kathy, and I heard about your blog from my friend Caroline, who is also your cousin.
    I have decided to start at the beginning of your blogs and follow along.
    At this point in your story, I am needing to tell you that I think you are really amazing, and I am honoured to be able to follow your journey.

    I’ll probably leave you more comments as I go along, I’m only reading a few days blogs at a time.
    Take care,
    from Alberta,

    • Hello Kathy – thanks for reading the blog. I started writing it only for myself, but now I think (I hope) that my experineces can help others too – with or without an illness to battle. I look forward to hearing more from you. Feel free to comment any time!

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