I’m okay


I am back and well. The operation went smoothly – no complications.  Last night I was in the hospital (had my blood pressure checked every hour) and today I’m so sleepy you could knock me over with a feather.

And on that note, I will not write anymore. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all your kind thoughts and prayers. I’m getting through this with a huge help from you.

I’ll write more later,


One last ride for the girls

Just a quickie – tomorrow I hope (hope, hope, hope) there is time to hit the beach. We’re going to blast through chores in the morning, and right when it starts to get really warm, but the sun is not so threatening , we’ll grab a blanket and a train and find ourselves some beach.

It’ll be one last ride for my string bikini; the very same string bikini that dropped Zsolt’s jaw nearly five years back. Ha! I’m not saying things haven’t changed with time, but nevertheless it has good memories. So tomorrow, fingers crossed, it’ll come out once again.

And hopefully (hope, hope, hope) I’ll find time to write more tomorrow, because I certainly have lots to say.

However, that’s it for now. I’m hitting the sack; it’s way too late to be blogging!

Telling people

I’ve started to tell people I have breast cancer.

With every person I tell it feels more real, and further than that, I start wanting to fight back.

It’s funny when telling people, they all say “you’re such a strong person, you’ll be able to fight it.” But am I strong? I certainly didn’t feel strong two days ago, or even yesterday. I felt vulnerable and dazed and lost. But the more I share the more real it becomes, and the more I realize I must become strong because this is happening and there’s no going back in time.

So people are finding out slowly. Person by person I drop the C bomb, and they’re all shocked and all incredibly supportive. It’s amazing.

Telling people is a good thing. I was a crazy to wait so long.