What I want

Just got back from a barbeque with friends. It was a lovely evening – filled with burgers and flames and salads and strawberries and cards and easy conversation. Ulrike made a sponge birthday cake, which Darren carried out with the candles lit. Zsolt stole chips from my plate while patting my hand. Laura impersonated a boxer with incredible accuracy, and I finally met Gareth long enough to chat.

It was a great evening. Good friends make for great evenings. And backyards – one day Zsolt and I will have a backyard with our own little vegetable patch (or herb garden) and we’ll invite friends round to enjoy a twilight meal.  Won’t that be wonderful?

Tomorrow I visit my surgeon’s clinic and discuss my pathology results. I’m throwing bombs and hoping for the best. If you don’t ask for the best, you’ll never get it – so I’m asking, telling, shouting and praying for the very best news possible. Safe margins and good news. That’s what I want.

4 thoughts on “What I want

  1. Bombs (nuclear bombs) away. I throwing bombs for you as well 🙂

    Merde tomorrow ♥

    Glad you had a good time today and I can already picture you in your backyard with both a veggie and herb garden.

    Keep up the great work

    – France

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Keep on throwing those bombs!

    When I do your mom’s punching exercise, I punch through walls that have been built up and see bricks flying… and it works… I don’t know how, but the walls start coming down.

    For you, I have seen and I continue to see a beautiful green and white ball of energy purifying your whole body.

    So whatever energy all your friends and family can generate to get rid of your cancer and make sure it doesn’t come back, let’s go to it!!!

  3. A backyard veggie patch (or herb garden) sounds amazing! You can start planning what you’d put in though I suppose it’s past spring now up there-something to plan for next year!
    You’re absolutely right-if you don’t ask for it, how can you get it?! Throw all those bombs and keep fighting and shouting!! I’ll send my thoughts and prayers up there as well for you. They say visualization helps produce results, especially in cases of illness-every little thing helps I guess!
    P.s. a cancer free boob is a GREAT birthday gift-here’s hoping the gifts continue for you!

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