Sharing a shoebox

Living in a small apartment with three people is an exercise in patience and respect. It’s funny because each of us have our own projects to get on with, but we  also have our own patterns and habits.

Let’s just say it’s a full house. A full flat. A small and full one-bedroom flat.

In a dream world we’d live a few streets over where the homes are large, with studies and sitting rooms and gardens full of roses. In a dream world we’d have separate bathrooms, and Cath Kidson sheets, and super king beds with mints on our pillows.

And maybe one day that will happen. But today we are getting along in this cramped apartment – not pulling our hair out, not having arguments, and not driving each other crazy. At least not all the time.

Because in my world, the one I walk through and laugh in and am thankful for every day – I have more love than anyone could ask. And while this place is chalk full of people, it’s also brimming with care and concern and good company.

A little space is a good thing. But having your husband and mother nearby is quite fantastic too.

* That being said, Zsolt and I are escaping for a one-night get away this weekend to the New Forest. Ohhhh yeah! Cream tea, three course dinner, and English breakfast – here we come! This is an abnormal splurge for sure, but who doesn’t benefit from the occasional indulgence? It’s a little bit of dream come true.

One thought on “Sharing a shoebox

  1. Dearest Katherine:

    This is a voice from the past. Karin reporting on line to say “yahh for you”. I have read your boob talk and must say it was not only in inspiring but uplifting. Like me, you find the blessings in breast cancer, and like you, recurrence does rear its ugly head occasionally. No doubt your mom has mentioned my DCIS, but luckily it was “in situ” and only radiation was required. Radiation does not hurt at all and the side effects are minimal. Please say “HI” to Marcelle and, I too, am delighted she is with you. Thank you for sharing, Katherine, not to mention your blog is superbly written and a delight to read.

    All the best

    Love Karin

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