Five years

Yesterday was a good day – five years with Zsolti. We celebrated by sleeping in, trolling around Ikea, having tea at Trago and watching the original Toy Story.  Also, last weekend we went to a lovely hotel and had a lovely time doing lovely things. So that was very romantic too.

Right – married one year, together for five. I met Zsolt in a hostel in Nice, France. He was with a group of friends and I was with my little brother, Dan Man. It was ‘right place right time’ for us both. Zsolt had asked a girl to come along, but she was busily engaged with her actual boyfriend – and I had come out of a relationship.

We were just on vacation. But geez, it was good to be together – so good that Zsolt met us in Amsterdam when we headed up north after France.

Anyhow – details of the Anne Frank museum, canal tours, wandering streets and dodging bicycles skipped (although Amsterdam is a beautiful city, I can thoroughly recommend it) – I knew that he was for me. If I didn’t see this guy again, it’d be a massive mistake. So after we said goodbye for the second time I swore to take action.

And five years later we’re waking up together, married, and pretty freaking lucky.  Zsolt is all heart, all caring, all love, and the rock in my life.

He’s also a total hottie.

2 thoughts on “Five years

  1. Hi Catherine,

    I enjoyed your story of how you and Zsolt met. So glad you’ve found someone who makes your heart sing! He’s your “hottie” and you’re his “cutie”. May both of your hearts always be singing together.

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