Gold star for Zsolt

Zsolt has a new talent.

Because I’m receiving my first round of chemo treatments every two weeks instead of three, I need to receive a shot every day, for seven days following the therapy (actually I start on the Monday with these shots, which means my body is still immune deficient for the first weekend).

Therefore Zsolt has learned to use a needle.

Gross. When we were married, there wasn’t a line stating: I promise to inject you on a daily basis with a prefilled syringe.  If vows were that specific we’d still be in the ceremony, with the crowd long gone.  However he’s been a very good sport.

Apart from his initial joke about “getting to stab me” (hmm), he’s handled it well. One of the district nurses stopped by and showed him how to insert and inject the needle (45 degree angle, into the side of my leg. We had planned on injecting the stomach till the nurse reviewed the instructions and realized that wasn’t necessary. Thank goodness. ). Then Zsolt geared up, pinch a bit of flesh and let the needle slide. It’s a tiny thing, so the insertion isn’t terrible though the injection is a definitely off putting, but isn’t it always?

Anyhow, he was very professional. I chalk this up to his stellar scientific training. All that work with expensive laser equipment has finally paid off through a steady hand under pressure.

Gold star for Zsolt. Keep up the good work, hon!

(and double points for him, because Zsolt has slowly been eliminating the plastic from our lives. First he replaced the plastic water filer with a glass Brita jug, and now he’s gone and obtained a glass kettle. We’re almost like the Jetsons in this house with our cool gadgets. )

Tomorrow is boob day. We’ll be going to the hospital so I can pick up a spare breast. Maybe they’re offered in sherbet colours, though I doubt that. Actually, I don’t like sherbet. Gelato is wayyy better.

One thought on “Gold star for Zsolt

  1. Hi-five for Zsolt, his steady hands!

    One of the things I like to do when I visit my healthcare providers is to close my eyes and see the energy colour that they emit (for example, my dentist emits the colour blue whenever he gives me a needle or is filling a tooth cavity).

    Catherine, since you are going to be seeing many healthcare professionals over the next few months, try seeing the energy colour they emit when they are touching you. It’s easier to do with your eyes closed. I find that this process develops my spirituality and connection with my healthcare providers, and it relaxes me because I’m focusing on trying to see and feel their energy, as opposed to worrying about every little prick, ouch, or unsettling noise that occurs.

    May your needles provide you with protection for your body.

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