Cath Kidson bedsheets

We have officially changed the sheets.

When Anna and László first arrived, they gifted me with the loveliest bed sheets – Cath Kidson, blue background with full red and pink roses. I cannot explain exactly why, but these sheets take me to a dreamy place with a veranda onto the beach and the sound of surf in the background. Anyhow, I just love them.

However, last week I did not put them on my bed. Instead, I waited – waited to feel good. Beautiful sheets should be for the good times. I don’t want these things tainted with the memories of chemo (unlike pizza, fruit soup, and my purple tank top – all of which are currently being shunned because they were around when I got sick).

Today is another good day. No sickness, less fatigue, and still more good company; definitely time to change the sheets.

2 thoughts on “Cath Kidson bedsheets

  1. I so know what you mean about tainting objects with bad memories and feelings. So glad you felt well enough for the Cath sheets. Can I recommend the fairisle blanket (a recent wedding acquisition of mine) for sofa days? Absolutely gorgeous! xx

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