Strike of the mouth sores

A leisurely trip through the country side. Nothing except the birds, bees, and the sound of two voices travelling inside a small 2003 Peugeot. Let’s listen in as the couple approaches a roundabout:

“Which exit do I take?”


“This one?”

“No – one.”

“This one?”

“No – two.  Here, this next one.”

“This one?”

“Yes – three.”





And so on, roundabout after roundabout. Our GPS confused us so badly today we got lost in our own city centre, got lost on the highway detour, and got lost in the countryside. We got lost so many times, even the road map turned against us. And all the while Zsolt’s family followed us in the car behind. They must have thought we were nuts.

But it was a very pretty drive. The New Forest is a lovely place. Today was a typically English day with the sweeping light rain and greyness all around, which might be depressing if you are stuck at home with a foggy window, but it’s striking as you drive along Hardy-esque landscapes.

The tricky bit today was that I ate a giant scone mid afternoon, and it gave me mouth sores. I’m sure it was the scone – we were sitting round the cafe table, spreading the jams and cream, and about half way through my scone it became less and less comfortable to eat. Forward thirty minutes and my mouth was full of sores. Blah, why does something so sweet have to be so bad? Can’t sugar and cream and white flour be healthy for the body?

Anyhow, my mom is helping me cope with the sores. It’s gotten a bit tricky to talk, but I am hoping the right supplements, some sleep and an occasional dose of warm salt water will make the difference.

And speaking of sleep . . . I’m outta here.

Update: I wrote this blog last night but didn’t publish it then. Today the sores are getting better but still present. However, I can talk and eat which is a great improvement. Still need to keep rinsing, supplementing, and all that jazz. What a freaking pain! Mind you, despite the sores, it was so good to get out of the apartment. Thank goodness for that.

2 thoughts on “Strike of the mouth sores

  1. “Hardy-esque landscapes”?

    I guess you really like Franklin W. Dixon and his series on the Hardy Boys. They were my favorites when I was young as well.

    And yea, you really have to be careful now with your immune system. Anything that tastes good is usually not that good for you. What is with that anyhow?
    Love Dad XX

  2. Hi Catherine,

    Just took a vacation with my mom and your blog reminds me of many things that happened. On my first day, at a really nice bed and breakfast near Sandbanks Provincial Park, I got sick after eating scones. Somehow they were too rich for me. But then I had a wonderful two-hour hike in the sand dunes… windy weather with storm clouds above, white caps on West Lake, not a soul in sight… my kind of weather!

    Thinking of the dapper soldier from ­”Far from the Madding Crowd”, we witnessed the Sunset Ceremonies at Fort Henry in Kingston… British soldiers circa 1867 dressed in their scarlet tunics doing their military drills. The drills were so well executed with bayonets, musket and cannon fire, I could imagine those times when the Loyalists north of the St. Lawrence River were prepared to defend against invasion by the United States.

    I got lost on many backroads to numerous lakes and rivers, discovered a marble mine, and had a great time with my mom discovering the beauty in our countryside and the time we share together.

    Keep on sharing your stories. I like them.

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