Bald as an eagle

The head is shaved. Chemotherapy made the hair fall, so I made it all go away.

Yesterday afternoon, once Zsolt returned from the office, we sat down in our living room and Zsolt set up his barber shop. Normally I’m the one with the clippers in hand, but he did really well. First we shaved the long hair – so for about five minutes Zsolt and I had similar haircuts (I think I missed a photo opportunity here). Next the guard was removed and he cut it away, except for about 1 mm length because we’d need to take a razor to the remnants.

So forget the hair; now I’m all about cheekbones.

Besides, it really had to go. The sadness of pulling out twenty strands at a time was too much. In this situation, I could take control. I felt relief to shave my head, no joking. An abrupt change too, but good nevertheless.

Now here is the debate: should I go full on bald, or wear scarves all the time? Be it resolved that Catherine is lazy. But is it more effort to shave weekly, or to wrap a scarf each morning? Also, do I want people to see my head naked?

Well at least around Zsolt it doesn’t matter. He’s the one who cut it all off!

Today we and the Sámson family are taking off for the New Forest. We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re shooting for a teahouse. Scones, clotted cream and jam with wandering ponies and stretches of purple heather. It should be a nice drive, regardless of where we end up. Plus, this will be our first chance to pump up the car radio and enjoy that highway breeze.

3 thoughts on “Bald as an eagle

  1. You look wonderful and I love the check bones they really show up now. I say go bold and go out bald… really show your beauty… go high fashion… you have the stuff to do it… Enjoy!!

    New Forest… scones… clotted cream tea and jam… definitely jealous. Make all of your senses deeply alive and send some of that energy my way.

    Love Mom xxxx

  2. I love how you are so pro-ctive Catherine. What you did is take charge, it really shows your true colours. And by the way, your new look really does show what a beautiful face you have.
    Love, Dad

  3. Hi Catherine,

    I haven’t seen your new look, but all I can think of are your beautiful, expressive blue eyes. Going bald in public would have its benefits:

    1) An opportunity to share your experiences with stangers about cancer (if they ask), over and above what you are doing with your blog – a true spokesperson who is easy to approach;
    2) An opportunity to experience an even higher level of self confidence by doing something that not everone has done. In my case, parachuting.
    3) Go high fashion like Marcelle says, maybe with the scarf around your neck.
    4) Baldness reminds me about Buddhist spirituality. I like it when J.P. shaves his head. Hum, I’m wondering who is cuter now, you or J.P. 😉

    Your wisdom and strong spirit are shining brighter than ever. The bald eagle is my animal totem of intellience, and I’m happy that you brought forth that imagery.

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