Library Zen

Today I’m going back to work!

After a summer away my memory will be challenged with the library computer and ESL students asking directions. Where is room 2033? I have no idea.

It’s exciting, but also much like the first day of school. How will my body cope with this new type of exertion? Will I be able to sit up for 4-5 hours at a time?

Questions, questions. I can still remember my first day of grade seven at Holy Trinity Catholic High School. I walked into the school’s atrium completely overwhelmed and followed the signs reading “grade 7 to twister dome.” First of all, what the heck is a twister dome? Can’t they just say gymnasium with wooden floors? But no, twister dome is was. I was so nervous that by the time my teacher had us in the classroom and the role call was given – I could not for the life of me remember how to spell my name.

Teacher: How do you spell your last name?

Catherine: Ah. B-R-U-N . . .N. . .L . . . L . . . E L?

And then my head expoded from the blood pressure. Mortifying.

This won’t be like that, of course. But I still couldn’t get to sleep last night. Work is an excellent distraction, and they are very supportive. My mom was quite impressed when she met my colleagues – said they were all so friendly. And they are.

Breath in and out . . . slowly, calmly and become one with the library. It should be a nice day.

One thought on “Library Zen

  1. Hi Catherine,

    It’s good to hear you’re going back to work and that you have friendly colleagues. Be willing to let them keep an eye on you, or to take a little nap in the nurse’s room if you’re feeling tired.

    My colleagues (especially my manager) were good to me when I was recovering from an illness and I would come into work for 3 days, and then take a day off because I was exhausted. I wanted to work but my body was telling me to take it easy. My colleagues made it easy to take a day off here and there guilt free until I was fully recovered.

    In my mind’s eye, I see your beautiful blue eyes and smiling face welcoming the ESL students. Perchance you are wearing a pale blue blouse today?

    Have a great day 🙂

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