Library Zen

Today I’m going back to work!

After a summer away my memory will be challenged with the library computer and ESL students asking directions. Where is room 2033? I have no idea.

It’s exciting, but also much like the first day of school. How will my body cope with this new type of exertion? Will I be able to sit up for 4-5 hours at a time?

Questions, questions. I can still remember my first day of grade seven at Holy Trinity Catholic High School. I walked into the school’s atrium completely overwhelmed and followed the signs reading “grade 7 to twister dome.” First of all, what the heck is a twister dome? Can’t they just say gymnasium with wooden floors? But no, twister dome is was. I was so nervous that by the time my teacher had us in the classroom and the role call was given – I could not for the life of me remember how to spell my name.

Teacher: How do you spell your last name?

Catherine: Ah. B-R-U-N . . .N. . .L . . . L . . . E L?

And then my head expoded from the blood pressure. Mortifying.

This won’t be like that, of course. But I still couldn’t get to sleep last night. Work is an excellent distraction, and they are very supportive. My mom was quite impressed when she met my colleagues – said they were all so friendly. And they are.

Breath in and out . . . slowly, calmly and become one with the library. It should be a nice day.